Collective transport of children (TCC)

According to Law n.º 13/2006 the collective transport of children and young people up to the age of 16 can only be carried out by drivers who hold a certificate issued by the Institute for Mobility and Transport, IP (IMT), after attending a professional training course with approval.

Requirements for the certification of drivers of collective transportation of children:

  • Legal qualification to drive the car category used for transport;
  • Driving experience of at least two years;
  • Document proving medical and psychological inspection, proving the physical and psychological skills, on the same terms which is required for heavy passenger car drivers;
  • Suitability of drivers proved by Certificate of Criminal Record;
  • Certificate of the driver´s infractions.

Obtaining initial certification:

Attendance of a 35 hours training course with approval.

Renewal of certificate (every 5 years):

Attendance of a 20 hours training course with approval.